What is the Nova Scotia Home & Building Designers Association?

The Nova Scotia Home & Building Designers Association (NSHBDA) was established in 1995 to foster the growth and education for home and small building designers in the construction industry.

Nova Scotia Home and Building Designers Association is committed to providing knowledgeable and professional, custom home and small building design services, to meet the needs and objectives of the owner while maintaining the health and safety requirements of Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada.

NSHBDA members are designers of residential and small buildings that fall within the scope of the National Building Code, Part Nine (this being a comprehensive law that specifies methods and use of materials for building construction for most types of small buildings in Canada). Members of the NSHBDA have been recognized provincially and nationally, having received several Nova Scotia Home Awards, CMHC’s Flex Housing Design Competition and Natural Resources’ Passive Solar Design Competition.

NSHBDA was formed to provide a professional organization that offers practicing professional designers further education leading up to a comprehensive certification program. The NSHBDA also provides a forum for discussion between designers, builders, engineers and Product Manufacturers (Corporate members), keeping the construction related industry updated with new and upcoming trends, technologies & products.

Since small buildings are the area of focus for designers, a broader range of expertise is possible within the profession. Many hold qualifications in heat loss/heat gain evaluation, materials specifications and ventilation designers, healthy home specifiers and R-2000 builders. This wide-ranging expertise ensures better designed, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.

NSHBDA Mission Statement

The Nova Scotia Home and Building Designers Association is committed to helping its members provide current, knowledgeable and professional custom home and small building design services and to educating the public about a professional design alternative.

Executive, Board of Directors & Committee Members

Approved 2018-2019

Officers: (Executive)

President – John Connely                                  468-2884 ext. 4113              

Vice President –   Mark Gillis                            902-221-4026

Past President –   Mark Gillis                       

Secretary – Kimberley Reagan                     O: 902- 684-9708  |  C: 902-692-0850

Registrar – Mark Pinhey                                    902-523-0098

Treasurer –Don Roscoe                                      902-852-3789

Board of Directors:

John Hattie                                                           456-0279

David Bateman                                                     752-7665

Nigel Collinson                                                      457-1321

Charlotte Harper                                                   472-2498

Marlin Plett                                                            301-4235

David Greenwell                                                    945-2967

Student Representatives

(Non-Voting Members, Attend Board Meetings)

Lunenburg – 

Waterfront – 

Ethics Committee:

All members of Executive and Board

Finance / Audit Committee:

Don Roscoe (Chairperson)

Nigel Collinson

Allison Nelder

Membership Committee:

All members of Executive and Board

Public Relations Committee & Long Term Planning Committee:

All members of Executive and Board

Bylaw / Legislation Committee:

All members of Executive and Board

Education / Technical Committee / Librarian:

Mark Gillis (chairperson)

Don Roscoe

John Hattie

Debbie Cunningham

Barb MacDonald

Marlin Plett

Design Competition Sub-Committee:

Mark Pinhey (chairperson)

Kimberley Reagan

Event Sub-Committee: (AGM, Winter Design Expo)

Kimberley Reagan (chairperson)

Mark Gillis

Bursary Management Sub-Committee:

Mark Gillis (chairperson)

Nigel Collinson                                    

Melissa Corbett Robinson, NSCC     902-491-4175

Debbie Cunningham NSCC                543-4356 or 543-0615

Home Show Sub Committee

Daryl Cosman (chairman)                  802-3376

Mark Pinhey                                          523-0098