The Nova Scotia Home Designers Association (NSHDA) was formed in 1995 by industry professionals John Hattie and Nigel Collinson. These award-winning designers worked diligently to pull together a small group of industry associates to create the area’s first association for independent, professional building designers.

The buying public was beginning to realize that there was an alternative design resource available, and that they could get something unique at a reasonable cost. Word of the high-quality of work being done began to lead to small commercial and multi-unit residential work — greatly expanding the scope of work performed by these independent designers.

These industry pioneers worked to establish an industry identity, create standards, improve the quality of the service, enhance knowledge and through an education/certification process, help create an opportunity to share and learn from each other.

A Certification Council was created to act as a governing body, and has developed to include all of the players in the industry. The Certification Council oversees the certification program, the Association’s education and training program that is designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

The NSHDA is quickly becoming recognized as the voice of the residential and small building design industry, acting on behalf of the many designers/draftspersons across Nova Scotia. In order to reflect the changes in the industry, the Association changed its name to Nova Scotia Home and Building Designers Association (NSHBDA).

Over the years, NSHBDA has endeavored to create a good relationship with fellow designers and industry leaders; inviting them to be guest speakers at some of its monthly training sessions, providing building tours of some of Nova Scotia’s unique architecture, and becoming part of its annual design competition as judges.

We look forward to continuing and expanding our role in the design and construction industries, and look forward to helping our partners grow and expand our industry.