1. All members of the Nova Scotia Home and building designers Association, in discharging of their duties, recognize a sense of responsibility, business capacity, personal integrity and professional competence as fundamental ethics, and as such:
  2. A member shall uphold the provisions of the Code of Ethics;
  3. A member shall, without fear of favour, report in the proper manner, unethical or incompetent conduct of any member of the Association;
  4. A member shall abide by all standards, rules, by-laws and regulations as required by the Association;
  5. A member shall not falsely claim or imply possession of any title, qualification or level of competence of which the member is not entitled:
    a) A member shall at all times fully and truthfully describe the level and extent of his or her training, skills, qualifications and experience;
    b) A member shall rely solely on merit for career advancement;
    c) A member, upon ceasing such membership for whatever reason, shall take all reasonable steps, to avoid third parties from describing him or her as remaining a member.
  6. A member shall follow a program of continuing education and maintain a level of proficiency that will meet the needs of the public and furthermore, will endeavour to take such courses as will enable him or her to gain proficiency in the most advanced and sound knowledge in the field of tectonic design.
  7. A member shall not act in a manner likely to bring the Association into disrepute:
    a) A member shall act faithfully and honourably in his or her business dealings and have proper regard for the interests of his or her client or employer;
    b) A member shall at all times attempt to balance the need for working for the best interests of his or her client or employer with the ethical duty of providing an environmentally sustainable design that will also consider the needs of generations yet to come;
    c) A member charged with the design of a building shall act impartially and shall interpret the conditions with fairness when discussion arises between client and contractor;
    d) A member shall not undertake any work of a specialized nature, which is knowingly outside the scope of his or her competence;
    e) A member shall not render any service with or without remuneration which is in conflict with the interests of those who employ the member, or which Is in conflict with sound environmental concerns.
    f) A member shall agree upon the terms and conditions of any contract in respect of his or her services at the time of the member’s appointment pursuant to such contract and shall not enter into any contract which involves receiving or giving any direct or indirect commissions;
    g) A member shall not seek directly or indirectly to supplant another member or professional person, or to indirectly injure the professional reputation, prospects or business of another for the purpose of gain, personal enhancement or for any other reason;
    h) A member shall not hold, assume or consciously accept a position in which his or her interest is in conflict with his or her professional duty;
    i) Only a full Member of the Association shall hold out to be a qualified Designer or Technical Designer.
  8. A member shall not advertise his or her services except in a manner permitted by the Association.