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Site Assessment Workshop Weekend – Oct 22 & 23

On Saturday and Sunday, October 22 & 23, we will be offering our Site Assessment Workshop Weekend. This two-day course offers designers of all skill levels and experience to learn some basic surveying techniques, how to gather and interpret data, and how to incorporate this information into a well-rounded and complete building design.

The course is broken down into two parts – site assessment and design. The weekend will begin with an introduction to basic surveying techniques (eye level, carpenter’s (Dumpy) level, spin survey, etc.) and how to use this information in the plotting of a cross-section of the land. This portion of the course will take place on an actual residential building lot, and will give participants real-world experience in how to quickly assess the suitability of a building lot for a given project.

The second portion of the course takes place in the classroom, and allows participants to use the information gathered in the field on an actual design. Participants will be given design scenarios to work from, and are expected to prepare a design that works with the given property and the observations made during the assessment phase. Brief presentations by all participants will allow for constructive criticism of their designs and questions from the instructors.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Don Roscoe (chair of the Education Committee) by calling him at 902-852-3789, or let him know at the monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 18.

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