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October Training Session – Steel Framing and Workshop Weekend

October’s regular monthly training (Tuesday, October 18) will focus on light steel framing systems. Jacques Leger of Imperial Steel Manufacturing will tell us about steel studs and joists and how they can be used in all types of projects.  This presentation is being brought to us by Mitch Wile of WinRoc (one of our corporate members) – winroc website.

We will also be discussing the upcoming Site Assessment Workshop Weekend (Sat & Sun, October 22 & 23). If you’re interested in participating in the workshop weekend, you MUST attend Tuesday’s meeting.

Tuesday’s training will take place at 6:00pm in Room 5424 at NSCC Waterfront, and via video link to NSCC Lunenburg. We will also be sitting down for supper at Pilot’s Pub at 5:00pm, and all are invited to join us.

The Education Committee will meet at 2:30pm in Room 3522 (PLEASE NOTE NEW START TIME), followed by the Board of Directors at 3:00pm.

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