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NSHBDA Peoples Choice Award

2012 Peoples Choice Award was presented to NSHBDA member Kimberley Reagan by Mark Gillis NSHBDA president.

Off to a great start

The 2012/2013 year started off with a great start.  Shortly into our new year, our Association was presented to the public at our annual Design Competition Gallery/Booth at the Ideal Fall Home Show presented by Master Promotions.

The booth had a new look with a newly enhanced power point slide show digitally projected onto a large format screen, while the gallery proudly displayed 32 submission made of art board presentations and architectural drawings representing the work of many of our student members and accomplished designers.

The home show visitors seemed to enjoy the gallery/booth and when they were asked to be a judge for the “People’s Choice Award” design competition, they were excited and many of them took the responsibility very seriously, spending 20 to 30 minutes or more, in the gallery. After looking at each submission, reviewing the design intent, photos and plan many of them knew exactly which design they were going to vote for, while others struggled through a conflicting decision. All in all, hundreds of visitors took the time to be a judge, giving them a chance to learn more about the Association, it’s members and what we do and the quality of our designs, whether it is a landscape design, bus shelter, carriage house, reno/addition project or new home design.

In appreciation of the support and their time that we obtained from the visiting public in making  the “People’s Choice Award , Design Competition” an ultimate success, we asked Bev Campbell, manager of the show to help us draw a name from the ballot box as winner of the  “voters” ballot box draw. The winner of the $50.00 gift certificate from Swiss Chalet was Mr. Gilles Peladeau of Dartmouth.

You, the people made their decision know. In the slide show, you will see the “Top Ten” designs as chosen by you. The first place winner goes to Kimberley Reagan of TimberhArt Woodworkers. This beautiful timber frame “Carriage House” design stood proudly out from the others. Our president, Mr. Mark Gillis is shown presenting the annual trophy to Kimberley at our October meeting. Congrats Kimberley.

We have just started the new year, but we are looking forward to other upcoming events and training. Next weekend, we are putting on our “site assessment workshop weekend” and we have already succeeded in gathering the largest participating group, that we have ever had. Watch our web site for reports of past events and notification of all future events.

NSHBDA Ideal Home Show Booth 2012

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