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Next NSHBDA monthly meeting Tuesday Jan. 21, 2014

Hello everyone,

Our regular monthly meeting will be taking place Tuesday, January 21st, 2014.

The evening’s session will be a panel discussion on establishing a business. Panel will include members who want to participate.

This gives those present an insight as to how their fellow members run their design business.

Students will benefit from hearing from members who have been practicing design for a while and from younger members who have just started.

Dealing with clients, business setup as in a company, self employed or incorporated will be discussed as well as how we charge our clients for our services.

As usual, our monthly information session will take place in Room 5424 at NSCC Waterfront or via video link to NSCC Lunenburg. The session will start at 6:15pm. Prior to the monthly meeting, the Education Committee will meet at 2:00pm in Room 3522, with the Executive meeting following at 3:00pm.

All are welcome to join us for supper at Pilot’s Pub at 5:00pm (10 Atlantic Street, Dartmouth, NS).

We look forward to an interesting and active discussion. See you then!

Mark Gillis, P.Eng.

President, NSHBDA

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