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Next NSHBDA monthly meeting September 17, 2013


NSHBDA monthly meeting will take place next Tuesday (September 17) in room 4140 not 5424 at NSCC Waterfront, and via video link to NSCC Lunenburg (in Bridgewater).  This months’ presentation is entitled “DESIGNING FROM LINES”, and is presented by our Past President, John Hattie of Atlantic Home Designs Limited.  Here’s a brief description of the session, as provided by John:

“John Hattie of Atlantic Home Designs Ltd will be leading this regular monthly meeting training secession.  As a professional designer for over 30 years, he finds that we may get sluggish or even get into a designer’s rut. The designs may start to look similar with a repetition of details from one design to another. You end up doing what is easy, most common or what you know best.

The purpose of this training is to bring a greater design element into NSHBDA’s training and enhance our skills. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the industry or a pro for 30 plus years, this will be a fun, interactive evening.  Everything around us is made up of lines. Some are straight, curved, wiggly, circles, triangles, squares, boxes, etc…….  You will be given some lines and asked to sketch a concept . You maybe requested to sketch of a floor or exterior concept, even something unrelated or whatever pops into your head, when you first see the lines. This evening is designed to stretch your imagination and get you thinking outside of the box or your comfort zone, so it doesn’t matter where your skill set is. It will give you a chance to grow and see how and what others will create from these same lines. This training is designed to take your skills to another level.

This is a pencil and eraser evening.  Please bring these friends along.

It sounds like it will be an interesting evening and may pose a challenge for those of us who haven’t drawn anything without a mouse in some while…

As usual, our monthly information session will take place in Room 4140 not 5424 at NSCC Waterfront or via video link to NSCC Lunenburg.

The session will start at 6:15pm.

Prior to the monthly meeting, the Education Committee will meet at 2:00pm in Room 5325 not 3522, with the Executive meeting following at 3:00pm.

All are welcome to join us for supper at Pilot’s Pub at 5:00pm (10 Atlantic Street, Dartmouth, NS).

We look forward to an interesting and active discussion. See you then!

Mark Gillis

President, NSHBDA

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