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April Training Session – Spreadsheets!

The next monthly meeting for the NSHBDA will be on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 6:30pm at NSCC Waterfront Campus, or via web link at NSCC Lunenburg Campus.  The Education Committee will meet at 2:00pm, followed by the Board of Directors meeting at 3:00pm.  As usual, we invite everyone to join us for supper at 5:00pm at Pilot’s Pub, followed by a brief meet-and-greet session at 6:15pm, back at NSCC Waterfront.

 For the evening information session, the presenter will be Mark Gillis, P.Eng. of Gillis & Company Timber Frames, and the topic will be “Spreadsheets for Design & Business”.

 Mark will introduce everyone to the fundamentals of spreadsheets – what they are, and what they can do for you.  He will discuss how you can spreadsheets for enhancing and expanding your design capabilities, simplifying repetitive tasks and streamlining your business.  He will also show how the spreadsheets can turn complex design work (that may take hours if done by hand) into quick and accurate methods with multiple design options and cost implications.

For those who attend (at NSCC Waterfront or Lunenburg), Mark will give away FREE COPIES OF HIS SPREADSHEETS!  That’s right, you will receive free spreadsheets that will enhance your skills and simplify your business – all you have to do is attend the information session.

One item of discussion that may be of special interest to the designer/builder members is a review of Don Roscoe’s solar home cost estimating system – Don has given us approval to include this spreadsheet, and this will be one of the FREE SPREADSHEETS.

Contact Mark Gillis for more information.  See you on Tuesday, April 19th!

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