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2010 Design Competition

Entry Forms

Download the entry form (PDF Format or Word Doc).


To find the best custom designed homes and small buildings as created by NSHBDA designers and from this, create more public awareness of the Nova Scotia Home & Building Designers Association (NSHBDA) and its members. This will give the association an opportunity to feature some of the specialty skills and abilities of its members. This will vary from basic designs to very energy efficient, passive solar, green designs or it could be the creation of a very traditional, contemporary, timber frame design or a small building design, etc. The competition will also give some of its corporate members a chance to show off their abilities through the “other” category. It also gives us a chance to profile the up and coming future designers, through our student design category. From all of this, it will give the association an opportunity to show other designers the level of skills and abilities already active in the association and give them an opportunity to join and enhance their skills and knowledge and become an accredited designer. Further exposure may be acquired with the use of your submitted competitions photos in future home show booth video presentations.

Design Competition Categories

1) new home design under 2,000 sq ft

2) new home design 2000 sq ft and over

3) reno/addition design

4) green building design

5) “other” is for any design classification not covered above, but it must be related to residential design industry (i.e. it could be a landscape, stained glass, kitchen cabinets, etc.)

6) designs, not yet built

7) student design project

8) small building design

Rules and Regulations

1) All entrants must be members of NSHBDA, new members are welcome

2) All entries must be submitted in the form prescribed by NSHBDA for the appropriate category, including a completed entry/release form with the home owners civic address and phone numbers and must be accompanied by the entry fee (fee waived for students). The entry fee for one submission will be $25.00, two submissions the entry fee will be $40.00 and the entry fee fir three or more submissions will be $50.00.

3) Deadline for all entries shall be Tuesday, May 18, 2010, with the exception of the student entries, which must be received by Monday, May 31, 2010.

4) All entries must be the original work of the submitting designer and must be an original submission into the competition.

5) All entry/release forms must be signed by both the designer and the current home owner(s), except as noted in these categories. “Designs not yet built” and “student design project”, may not require home owner(s) signatures unless they were designed for a particular client(s), in which case the client’s signature(s) is also required. The design(s) remain the intellectual property of the designer, but the submission and attached documents becomes the property of NSHBDA. By submitting an entry, the entrant licenses NSHBDA to use the submitted designs to promote and market the NSHBDA in all media, now and in the future. The entrant and the client(s)/homeowner(s) agree to permit media publications as maybe designated by NSHBDA, to photograph the winning design(s) and publish the winning designs in issues of their magazine or other related media. The entrant and the client(s)/homeowner(s) agree to permit the winning designs to be featured in NSHBDA Ideal Fall Home Show booths/design competition gallery.

6) With the exception of “designs, not yet built” and “student design project”, all submissions must be built between 2004 and 2009 inclusive.

7) With the exception of “designs, not yet built” and “student design project”, all entries must be submitted on a 32″ x 40″ x 3/16″ foam core board. The designer has complete liberty as to how he or she will do the presentation, but it must have presentation site plan with North arrow indicator, floor plans and exterior representation in the form of either/or drawn elevation, photos, perspectives renderings, etc. The designer must include a brief description as to their design objectives. Presented entries must be on one side of art board only and must be able to sit on easel. Entries will not be accepted if there are any loose or separate attachments.

8) “Designs, not yet built” must be a residential design, not yet built. They must be submitted in an architectural drawing format (copies only, no originals) as required to meet the standard of the NSHBDA Accredited Member, Technical Level “plan review” requirements. The designer may use optional visual graphic presentation, such as, a perspective rendering, etc. A brief description of the designer’s objectives must be stapled to the front of the prints.

9) “Student designs project” will be open to student members of NSHBDA who are registered students of NSCC. The submission must be a residential design project. The objective of the project is to create architectural drawings using the standards of NSHBDA Accredited Member, Technical Level. “plan review” requirements. It must be submitted in an architectural drawing format (copies only, no originals) complete with an attached design objective, stapled to the front.

10) The “plan review” requirements can be found on our web site.

11) Reno/addition projects must have before and after photos, etc. in the entry submission.

12) Small building design relates to buildings other than residential that fall within a description of a building, under part 9 NBC and must be a foot print of less than or equal to 4845 sq.ft. (450 sq. meters) and must be 3 storey or less in building height.

13) Entries must not include any form of visual identification. Any submission with a designer or company name or other form of visual identification will not be accepted.

14) There must be a 2″ high blank border across the bottom of all art board submissions or the title page of the Architectural drawing format presentations. This space will be used to attach your 3.5″ w x 2″ h business card, awards and judges comments, upon completion of the competition.

13) In a separate sealed envelope, you must supply a business card and digital file for each of your submission, with the appropriate drawings, design objectives and photos, relating to that submission only. If available, include extra digital photos for future media usage.

14) All entries will be issued a number, upon submission and this will be the only form of identification when presented for judging.

15) An independent panel of judges, made up of industry related and non-industry related judges shall be chosen by NSHBDA for the competition and they will review and judge all submitted designs. Their decision shall be final and the winners and their designs will be announce and presented at NSHBDA annual general meeting.


The 2010 Design Competition is the fourth annual event presented by the Nova Scotia Home & Building Designers Association. Such high profile exposure gives the association an opportunity to recognize its current and future achievers. Winners in each category will be awarded a “certificate of achievement” and the annual “trophy” by the Association. The trophies were generously donated by the following corporate members: Cranberry Stained Glass, Truefoam, Halifax Heating Residential and Weyerhaeuser.

Furthermore, winning designs and homes will be featured in the media through news paper and magazine articles. Through the generous support of Masters Promotions, the producers of “The Ideal Fall Home Show” NSHBDA Design Competition booth/gallery, will display all submissions and one of these will be selected by the viewing public to receive the “Peoples Choice Award”. As proven again last year, the viewing public, didn’t agree with the judges.

The 2010 NSHBDA Design Competition is a unique opportunity to acquire publicity as being one of the designers of choice in Nova Scotia.

Through your participation in this year’s competition, it opens up the opportunity for you to be presented as a “Featured Member” at the 2010 Fall or 2011 Spring Ideal Home Shows. This allows you to promote your business, hand out business cards and other promotional brochures and show examples of your work.

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