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Upcoming Training Sessions for 2011 and 2012

Interested parties are invited to attend up to 2 evening training sessions with no obligation. If you are interested in further information about membership, please view our Membership section.

Tentative Education Schedule: Unless otherwise noted the sessions are at the Waterfront NSCC campus in Dartmouth. For further information and confirmation, or to suggest upcoming training sessions, please contact Roeland Leenes (902) 440-7713.

Remember to record your attendance on the sheet passed around at the training sessions. This record is kept as part of our database. Student members can request a yearly record of participation which will be issued in June. Students at satellite NSCC campuses will not be penalized if the training session is not able to be transmitted.

Small Business Issues (finance, bookkeeping, etc)

March 15, 2011
John Hattie & Jim Moore

Site Workshop Training Weekend

April 16-17
John Hattie & Don Roscoe

Project Costing & Use of Spreadsheets

April 19, 2011
Mark Gillis

Tour of Canada Games Centre or NSCC Waterfront

May 17, 2011
Mark Gillis

AGM+ Awards + Commercial Presentations

June (Date TBD)
Kimberley Reagan, Mark Gillis, DJ Hanninen

Hot 2000 Intro

September 20, 2011
Terry Waters & Roeland Leenes

Steel Framing for Residential Construction

October 18, 2011
Imperial Steel Manufacturing
Roeland Leenes & Jacques Leger

Advanced Structural Design

Fall 2011
Mark Gillis & Alex Potyondy

Main call backs by Atlantic Home Warranty

November 15, 2011
John Hattie

Social & Commercial Presentations

December 13, 2011
Kimberley Reagan, Mark Gillis, DJ Hanninen

Interior Climate Control

Spring 2012
Don Roscoe

Plumbing (water, sewage [inverts], venting)

Spring 2012
Roeland Leenes & Steve Williams (Mac Williams)

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